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          Troop 81 will attend Camp Woodruff  for 2021
Dates: June 20 - June 26

     We were unable to attend in 2020 because the camp was closed.  Everyone is looking forward to 2021!
      Here's the information and initial sign-up sheet --> Troop 81 Hand-out

      Detailed Packing List and Troop 81 Camp Information --> Troop 81 Summer Camp Booklet

      Camp Woodruff Flyer

      Our next step after you make the initial sign-up, is to request the classes you wish to take at camp.

      Troop 81 Merit Badge Sign-Up Sheet  ( See page 2 for the sheet you turn in by March 22 )

      Camp Woodruff Program Guide  ( Has some information about programs and classes at camp )

      Each Scout & Adult Leader needs have a completed parts A, B & C medical form to attend summer camp:
      BSA Phyical Form, Parts A,B & C
    Send Questions to:


dining hall at Daniel Boone Waterfront view
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Summer Camp 2021
- Camp Woodruff  -
Dates: June 20 - June 26

    Camp Woodruff Website: