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          Troop 81 will not attend Camp Woodruff  for 2020

        Camp Woodruff FAQ website:

It is indeed a most strange spring & summer as we continue to reboot and restart our economy as well as activities after the shelter at home rules here in East Tennessee are starting to relax.
The Atlanta area council has canceled our summer camp week at Camp Woodruff which would have been June 21.

We are looking at Camping as a Troop and hosting our own skills training.

dining hall at Daniel Boone Waterfront view at Woodruff
                                            ( maybe in 2021 ..... )

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Summer Camp 2020
Camp Woodruff will be closed for week #4
Now considering holding our own Troop 81 campout since Woodruff is not Possible.
Dates: Still TBD ( possibly June 21 - June 27